Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ecosystem in a bottle

This term our focus was Ecosystem, we did a range of activities like trips to the Ahuriri estuary,or or clay models of Estuary's ,or our ecosystem in a bottle project. For our ecosystem in a bottle we had to do a variety of things like taking a right size bottle.I would like to thank Mrs Cameron for putting in her time and $money$ for our activity like buying the gravel, soil, grass seed and beans so thanks to her. First we put in our gravel and spread it out so it was even then took the soil And spread it out over the soil.then we planted the beans around the outside of the bottle so,we can see the growth of the bean as is sprouts. Next we put in a pinch of grass seed so,that we don't grow too much grass.Then sprinkled water over our grass and bean seeds. So that was how we made our ecosystem in a bottle now try do it at home!!!!!!!!!